MountainBike Challenge 2009

Ride a mountain bike along trails, competing in various challenges

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    7.2 (250)

MountainBike Challenge is a fast-action arcade game that involves the fun of being on a mountain bike.

When you are looking for a fun game to play on the computer, MountainBike Challenge provides it. The downhill mountain game can provide a significant number of challenges.

The small download will reach your computer in no time at all. From there, you will be able to get the game started. You can choose a few different modes. You can choose a practice round where you get used to the course, or you can go into full competition mode.

Once you register, you can race as many times as you like. The importance of practicing is to set a training time. This will automatically choose the next fastest competitor to you so that you are racing fairly. However, you can choose to change whom you race against. You will always race a “ghost” on the leaderboard. When you choose a faster rider, you can learn their tricks, and this can be advantageous.

The graphics are impressive, and you feel as though you are truly riding down the mountain. The sound effects can also be impressive, though if it is distracting you from your overall game, you can mute the sound.

When you are on your bike throughout MountainBike Challenge, you can control your bike using the cursor keys. This makes the game is very easy to pick up. You do want to make sure that you find the fastest line possible and prevent yourself from crashing. This is what is going to take the most amount of work, and practice makes perfect. The more you practice on the course, the easier it will be to get faster times. You can practice on the course, enter the qualification rounds, and then compete online against others so that you can push yourself to the limit.

There are only a few tracks, so it can seem limited at times. The important thing to remember is that the game is free and can provide you with a significant amount of entertainment. Each week, there is a new track for you to compete on. This means that it is important to return every week so that you can experience more courses.

One thing to note about the game is that it is completely free. However, it is supported by in-game advertisements. These are nonintrusive, so you will be able to enjoy the game without being bombarded by ads. The online element of the game provides competition. You can play as often as you like, and you need to register by email if you plan to compete online. Even the email registration is free, so there is no cost for you to play the game as many times as you desire.


  • Free download
  • Competitive
  • Easy to play


  • Control is limited
  • More tracks are needed

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